Evangeline Amadu

Visual Description for "What Happens in the Marsh at Dusk"

Nine foot diameter, six foot tall water drop. Constructed out of canvas, PVC pipe, and acrylic paint.
The exterior is painted in a stylized interpretation of a water drop. There is a 5.5 ft tall entrance. The
interior is painted from the perspective of the marsh lands surrounding the Great Salt Lake, in the distance
is Antelope Island painted in the silhouettes of some of the animals that currently live on antelope Island.
The Prong-horn Antelope, Plains Bison, Rabbit, Leaf-cutter bee, big-horn sheep, and mountain lion are
the featured animals. Great Egrets, Ibis, Western Meadowlark, Yellow-Headed BlackBird, Greater-white
bellied Goose, and other birds that migrate to antelope island are featured as well as indigenous flora. The
sky is Dusk. There is a river that runs along the majority of the bottom. Sacred geometry underlays the
painting, the grass and clouds trace the shapes. The color palate has purple blue undertones in the base
with cute pops of color across bird faces, the dusk sky is poppin as it fades from yellow to blue.

Evangaline Amadu is an artist from Utah, primarily working in acrylic and watercolor.                                       

Artist Statement: "This is a piece of public art, I hope the public likes it. I made it with you specifically in mind, I hope it brings a little cheer and wonder to your day. I hope it helps remind you that you're part of a big wild world that's itching for you to know it."