300 Plates

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Wow, what a night!

We had 377 people in attendance for 300 Plates 2023.  It was a fun night of live music and art.  Many thanks to all who volunteered and attended!

So what's next?  Here's the calendar for the next few weeks as we wrap up plate sales and unveil our newly remodeled workshop space:

Thursday, May 25 Online plate sale begins.  Check Instagram and Facebook on Thursday May 25th for the link to purchase plates online or visit this page.

Wednesday, May 31-Thursday, June 22 Unsold plates will be on display for purchase at Art Access's office during our regular business hours, which are T-Th 9am-2pm.

Friday, June 16 6pm-9pm Our office will be open for Salt Lake Gallery Stroll.  Come purchase unsold plates and see our newly remodeled and rentable workshop space.

Need to pick up a purchased plate?  Starting Tuesday, May 30th our office is open T-Th from 9am-2pm to pick up purchased plates. Our address is 230 South 500 West, #110, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. On the loading dock in the front of the building you will see a door to the right of the Slug Magazine entrance and a metal sign that says “Artspace Building Access”. This door takes you to an interior courtyard and we are about 100 feet down on the left.

2023 Participating Artists

Aimee Gerlach, Aja Ariel Macheel, Alex Platt, Alice Toler, Alicia Finlayson, Alicia Schilder, Alysson Galarza, Amy Peterson, Andrea Hardeman, Angel Vice, Anita Eralie Schley, Annalee Hulse, Anne Vinsel, Annette Vernon, Annie Isaacson, Ashley Taylor, Barbara Brandeburg, Barbara Hall, Ben Davis, Blossom Murray, Blue Critchfield, Brekke Sjoblom, Brian Bean, Brian Jones, Brian Kershisnik, Brook Ochs, Carel Brest van Kempen, Carla Gourdin, Caro Nilsson, Cary Griffiths, Cat Widner, Catherine Vogt, Cecilia Anthony, Chloe Mizantzidi, Chris Peterson, Christian Holets, Christina Levi, Christina Stanley, Chrysalis Jiri, Chuck Call, Cindy Clark, Cindy McConkie, CJ Hales, Claire Nelson, Clinton Whiting, Coreen Mccuistion, Courtney Leigh Johnson, Darin Erickson, Darin Westenskow, Darrell Driver, David Born, David Meikle, Debbi Sigg, Deborah Shurtleff, Denise Miller, Desarae Lee, Destiney McCuistion, Dominic Franciose, Don Miskin, Don Prys, Eileen Vestal, Elizabeth Walsh, Emily Faber, Emily Kerr, Erica Houston, Erin Berrett, Evan Jed Memmott, Evelyn Mercer, Franchesca Henicke, Grant Fuhst, Hadley Rampton, Hannah Emerson, Heather Cook, Heather Olsen, Holly Hooper, Irene Rampton, J Amber Egbert, Jade Swayne, James Frankoski, Jamie Kyle, Jan Harris Smith, Jane Santoro, Janna Jensen, Jeanette Lukens, Jennifer Broschinsky, Jennifer Coppersmith, Jeremy Fagergren, Jerry Hardesty, Jessica Hill, Jessyka Fife, Jonathan Evans, Jonathan Westling, Jordan Brun, Joseph Adams, Joseph Anderson, Josh Scheuerman, Joshua Graham, Judy Gustafson, Julia Blake, Julie Berry, Justin Wheatley, Kandace Steadman, Karen Dreyfus, Karen Shaw, Kat Martin, Kate Ryskamp, Katie Benson, Katherine Griffin, Katie Felgar, KeErah Hutchings, Kelly Nance, Kendra Hitchcock, Kevin Wasden, Kristen Vardanega, Kristin Carver, Kristina Lenzi, Lance Everill, Lance Peacock, Larissa Wood, Laura Sharp Wilson, Laura Sommer, Lauren Soffe, Lauren Woodward, Laurie Bray, Leah Caldwell, Leah Mitchell, Linda Morrison, Linda Peterson, Lisa Kane, Louise Seiler, Lxi Weber, Lyn Hargis, Madisen Cuff, Madison Smith, Marla Love, Marti Grace Ashby, Maryann Paradise, Mason Fetzer, Matthew Neilson, McGarren Flack, McKenzie Paxton, Megan Dinnell, Melissa Bowman, Melody Greenlief, Mercedes Ng, Michelle Wayman, Mike Warren, Mimi Rogers, Miroslava Vomela, Molly Malone, Morgan Keller, Namon Bills, Natalee Thompson, Nathan Mulford, Neena Plant, Nicholas Pawlicki, Nicole LaRue, Nick Estrada, Nina Falsone, Olga Hegner, Pamela Beach, Patrice Showers Corneli, Paul Vincent Bernard, Paul Wade, Paula C Hayes, Peg Bodell, Peter Stone, Rachel Reynolds, Rachel Van Wagoner, Rebecca Johnson, Rebecca Klundt, Reilly Jensen, Richard Smith, Robert Fuerer, Roberta Glidden, Rosa Bandeirinha, Rosemary Gioielli, Ruth Hewlett Pope, Ryan Perkins, Ryann Myers, Sandra Williams, Sara Luna, Sara Meade, Sarah Duggins, Sarah Maynard, Sarah Porter, Scott Stanley, Scott Tuckfield, Shari Lyon, Shauna Godfrey, Shauna Kawasaki, Shelly Coleman, Shilo Jackson, Shiya Zeng, Simon Latu, Stacy Phillips, Stacy Stanford, Stathis Mizantzidis, Stephanie Swift, Steve Duncan, Steve Prentice, Steven Sheffield, Steven Stradley, Sue Martin, Sundyn Woolf, Susan Krushat, Suzanne Bybee, Tamara Burnside, Tara Carpenter Estrada, Terence Stephens, Terrel VanLeeuwen, Terry Scopes, Tiffaney Castillo, Tim Boschert, Trish Melander, Tyler Huntzinger, Tyler Pierce, Valerie Hollstein, Valori Boss, Vera Murphy, Vincent Mattina, Whitney Dame, Willamarie Huelskamp, William Kranstover, Wyatt Johnson.

2023 Sponsors

Kerry and Dave Carlson Prohibition Ink Zvonek & Co.

2023 Recap

The 300 Plates 2023 was held at Venue 6six9 on May 18.  There were 255 participating artists who together created 360 plates.  Live music was presented by Pompe n' Honey. Special thanks to Relics Framemakers and Gallery for generously donating gift certificates for and all plates purchased, Flower Imagination, and Roha Brewing Project.

History of 300 Plates

Joe Ostraff
Art Department Chair, BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications
Former Art Access board member

The story of the 300 Plates Fundraiser begins in Thailand in the summer of 1993. My family and I were the invited guests of a family living in Cha-am, Thailand. As part of our weekly activities, we would visit one of the many Buddhist Wat (monasteries) found in almost every community. On one such visit, a monk approached me and gave me a packet of photos of King Rama V. He blessed me and promised that if I incorporated the images in my art I would bring about good fortune. I held on to the images for many years, waiting for an appropriate time to use them.

In fall of 1998, I was driving home from a field trip with BYU art students. John Ohran was among the group. He and I got into a discussion about art ideas and he shared his interest in a project that Ed Kienholz (an internationally acclaimed installation artist) had completed, numbering prints one through one thousand and selling them for the corresponding number. It seemed to me a critical statement on the commodification of art, and John and I wondered if we could give the idea a positive twist.

During the conversation, I mentioned my Thai experience and one thing led to another. Hence, John and I had a two-person exhibition at Art Access in 1999 entitled Restoration of Good Fortune: One Through Three Hundred and Fifty, with the prices matching the numbered art. Images of King Rama V as king, military leader, and father found their way into all the mixed media paintings on aluminum plates, and the sale proceeds were divided between Art Access and the Sudanese Refugee Fund.

In 2002, Art Access was looking to diversify its funding base since the majority of the organization’s funds came from a single source. I was a board member at the time and suggested that we try a fundraiser using progressive pricing, and that we invite multiple artists to participate. It was very successful, and I feel that the Thai monk’s blessing continues to be realized each year through the 300 Plates fundraiser.