Breaking Barriers

Created in collaboration with the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, Breaking Barriers is a curriculum for helping cultural organizations in Utah improve accessibility. Over a series of six virtual workshops, cultural leaders at a wide range of museums, performing arts, festivals, and historical venues learn about how they can make the arts more accessible throughout Utah.

Topics covered during the course include history of the disability rights movement, intersectionality, specific accommodations for different disabilities, and provides a plan to help each organization increase their accessibility in meaningful and specific ways.


The Art of Accessibility for Educators

We are taking the things we have learned from developing Breaking Barriers and creating a similar curriculum for art teachers and teaching artists. These training sessions will help all creative educators better understand how to overcome their limitations so they can teach all children.

We are grateful for these experts in Utah who are serving as an advisory committee for developing this curriculum:

Linda Bergstrom
Teaching Artist

Michael Bingham
Executive Director, Jump The Moon, Logan, UT

Elizabeth A. Cutrer-Párraga
Counseling Psychology & Special Education, Brigham Young University

Tara Carpenter Estrada
Assistant Professor of Art Education, Brigham Young University

Jonathan Hale
Art and Special Education Educator

Jean Tokuda Irwin
Arts Education Manager, Utah Division of Arts & Museums

Cathy Jensen
Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program, Professional Outreach Program in the Schools, Fine Arts Standards and Endorsements, Utah State Board of Education

Ryan Kellems
Associate Professor, Special Education Program Coordinator, Counseling Psychology & Special Education, Brigham Young University

Kristen Giesler Paul
Clinical Instructor Emeritus, University of Utah

Alisa Petersen
Beverley Taylor Sorenson Endowed Chair of Elementary Arts Education, Southern Utah University

Raymond Veon
Assistant Dean for Arts Education, Utah State University

Stephanie White
Arts Access Program Coordinator, Caine College of Arts, Utah State University