300 Plates

300 Plates

300 Plates is an annual fundraiser held every May that benefits the programs of Art Access. This popular art sale involves 200 Utah artists creating over 380 works of art on 10"x11" panels.

Held online in 2020 and 2021, we are grateful for all the artists and art lovers who have continued to support us. We are really looking forward to having the party in person again in 2022.

Questions? Email 300plates@artaccessutah.org.


2022 Artist Applications

Artist applications for 2022 300 Plates will be opening soon....

Important Dates

Thursday, April 28, 2022
Individual tickets to the in-person event go on sale for $75 each.

Monday, May 16, 2022 at 10:00 am
Online preview of all plates with pricing available to the public.

Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 6:00 pm
300 Plates in-person.

Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 10:00 pm
Free access opens to online sale for plates not sold at the in-person event.

Friday, June 3, 2022 at 5:00 pm
Online sale closes.


2021 Sponsors

Sponsoring 300 Plates is the most impactful way to support our programs and help us to keep advocating for and supporting access to the arts in Utah. 

Thank you to this year's sponsors!

  • David L. & Kerry Ellen Carlson
  • Janet & Dave Deisley
  • Susan Dillon & Joe Zeidner
  • Mary Ann Ellis
  • Robb & Sarah Farr
  • Jennifer Gee
  • Patrick Gibbons
  • Richard & Susan Lockwood
  • Art Swindle
  • Saul & Ericka Weissman
  • Zvonek & Co.

Thanks to these sponsors, we have metal plates again this year!


Why be a sponsor?

Dear Friends of Art Access,

What a year it has been. A global pandemic. An earthquake. Hurricane level winds. And that’s just in Utah. This year has been anything but ordinary and has been challenging for so many people. Times like these remind us what we are most grateful for. For us at Art Access, that is all of you. The artists that make 300 Plates possible and bring sunshine to our entire community. The artists with disabilities that give us the great honor of being a part of their journey. Our donors, sponsors, funders, supporters, and champions that help Art Access continue our work and grow. And all of our program participants, peers, friends, and patrons. We miss you.

This year, to help keep our community safe, we will once again be hosting 300 Plates online. But next year, we look forward to seeing you in person for our traditional 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition event and the party that comes along with it. In addition, this year we are continuing our 50/50 split with our amazing artists, in recognition of the challenges that many artists are facing during this economic recession.

All that said, some things never change. We will have incredible art, in a variety of mediums and styles, from some of Utah’s famous artists and from some of our greatest up and coming artists. This year we will have close to 400 original pieces of art for sale created by over 200 brilliant, talented and generous artists.

We hope that you will join us again, or for the first time, as a 300 Plates Sponsor. By sponsoring this event you are making it possible for us to make community driven, accessible, and empowering programs. In the past year, Art Access created a $50,000 emergency relief fund for artists with disabilities and BIPOC artists, provided accessibility training and consultation to over 25 cultural organizations, supported 7 emerging artists with disabilities, and launched a new public workshop series focusing on disability justice and accessibility. Your support will help us to do even more in the year ahead.

Blue skies are ahead. Thank you for your support!

With Love,
Shandra Benito
Executive Director

300 Plates History

Joe Ostraff
Art Department Chair, BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications
Former Art Access board member

The story of the 300 Plates Fundraiser begins in Thailand in the summer of 1993. My family and I were the invited guests of a family living in Cha-am, Thailand. As part of our weekly activities, we would visit one of the many Buddhist Wat (monasteries) found in almost every community. On one such visit, a monk approached me and gave me a packet of photos of King Rama V. He blessed me and promised that if I incorporated the images in my art I would bring about good fortune. I held on to the images for many years, waiting for an appropriate time to use them.

In fall of 1998, I was driving home from a field trip with BYU art students. John Ohran was among the group. He and I got into a discussion about art ideas and he shared his interest in a project that Ed Kienholz (an internationally acclaimed installation artist) had completed, numbering prints one through one thousand and selling them for the corresponding number. It seemed to me a critical statement on the commodification of art, and John and I wondered if we could give the idea a positive twist.

During the conversation, I mentioned my Thai experience and one thing led to another. Hence, John and I had a two-person exhibition at Art Access in 1999 entitled Restoration of Good Fortune: One Through Three Hundred and Fifty, with the prices matching the numbered art. Images of King Rama V as king, military leader, and father found their way into all the mixed media paintings on aluminum plates, and the sale proceeds were divided between Art Access and the Sudanese Refugee Fund.

In 2002, Art Access was looking to diversify its funding base since the majority of the organization’s funds came from a single source. I was a board member at the time and suggested that we try a fundraiser using progressive pricing, and that we invite multiple artists to participate. It was very successful, and I feel that the Thai monk’s blessing continues to be realized each year through the 300 Plates fundraiser.

Interested in next year?

Are you an artist interested in participating in 300 Plates next year? Click below to get on the email list to stay updated. If you have participated in 300 Plates, you are already on this list.

Artist Email List

2021 Artists

We are so grateful for all the returning artists who support 300 Plates every year and for all the new artists (over 50!) who are joining us. This fundraiser would not be possible without them. And since times are still difficult for artists and nonprofits, we are splitting the proceeds from each plate sale with the artist 50/50.

Most artists' names are clickable if you want to check out their work before this year's plates are available for preview.

Ryan Akerley

Kathleen Anderton

Heather Angelone

Marti Grace Ashby

Frank Marino Baker

Cassandra Barney

Pamela Beach

Brian Bean

Ryan Bench

Katie Benson

Paul Vincent Bernard

Brandt Berntson

Erin Berrett

Namon Bills

Michael Bingham

Julia Blake

Eric Boothe

Valori Boss

P. Reeve Boyd

Jennifer Broschinsky

Eileen Guernsey Brown

Sally Browning

Jordan Brun

Brecca Brunis

Aspen Brunner

Esther Candari

Ani Carlson

Linda Carlson

Seth Carlson

Doug Chase

Rob Chipman

Cynthia Clark

Jennifer Coppersmith

Blue Critchfield

Whitney Dame

Kathryn Didericksen

Lisa Draper

Marla Duggins

Erin Ebert

J. Amber Egbert

Hannah Emerson

Trisha Empey

Lisa Benson Engelhard

Frida Estrada

Nick Estrada

Tara Carpenter Estrada

Linda Etherington

Jeremy Fagergren

Kindra Fehr

Katie Felgar

Mason Fetzer

Angela Fife

Stephanie Figgot

McGarren Flack

Jolynn Forman

McKay Francom

Dennise Gackkstetter

Kandyce Galanis

Natalie Garza

Jen Gilson

Rosemary Gioielli

Roberta Glidden

Elisa Gomez

Cary Griffiths

Chris Haggqvist

CJ Hales

Cara Jean Hall

Jerry Hardesty

Brooke Hargis

Ryan Harrington

Joshi Haskell

Andy Hayes

Kendra Hitchcock

Valerie Hollstein

Erica Houston

Trevor Howard

Corinnne Humphrey

Kimberly Ipson

Shilo Jackson

Janell James

Janna Jensen

Chrysalis Jiri

Shauna Kawasaki

Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik + Joe Adams

Chandler Kiser

Rebecca Klundt

Vita Kobylkina

Jamie Kyle

Simon Latu

Elena Lawrence

Trijsten Leach

Jeanette Lee

Kristina Lenzi


Linda Loosle

Bee Losee

Alexi Love

Jamie Love

Jeanette Lukens

Sydney Lund

Carson Lyman

Shari Lyon

Leslie Macfarlane

vort man

Sue Martin

Hank Mattson

Coreen McCuistion

Candace McLane

Sara Meade

Buddy Measles

David Meikle

Trish Melander

Cheryl Merkley

Ashley Metzger

Jessica Michaelson

Don Miskin

Michael J. Monson

Kylie Montes

Ben Morgan

Linda Morrison

Barbara Murphy

Molly Neves

Greg Newbold

Jonathan Norberg

Carol Ogden

Heather Olsen

Papillon Skies

Nicole Parish

Cassandria Parsons

John Parsons

Lance Peacock

Donna Penrod

Terry Coker Peterson

Tyler Pierce

Neena Plant

Ruth Hewlett Pope

Don Prys

David Raleigh

Hadley Rampton

Irene Rampton

James Rees

Lovetta Reyes-Cairo

Dennis Reynolds

Lauren Richens

Mimi Rogers

Michelle Rolfe

Mariah Rupp

Debra Russell

Zubaidah Sadeq

Elizabeth Sanchez

Jane Santoro

Alicia Schilder

Liz Shattler

Steven Sheffield

Rick Shorten

Katie Shupe

Deborah Shurtleff

Anthony Siciliano

Patrice Snow-Whitby

Laura Sommer

Christina Stanley

Scott Stanley

Megan R. Stern

Steven Stradley

Penina Strong

Stephanie Swift

Kelley Switzler

Jennica Thurgood

Beki Tobiasson

Karely Tsosie

Stephanie Van Derbur

Terrel Van Leeuwen

Eileen Vestal

Vio Arts

Catherine Vogt

Miroslava Vomela

Derrek Wall

Barbara Ward

Jenna Ward

Mike Warren

Risa West

Justin Wheatley

Clinton Whiting

Thayne Whiting

Katie Willes

Margaret Willis

Jane Wilson

Laura Sharp Wilson

Simon Winegar

Annalee Wood

Marsha Woods

Lauren Woodward

Barbara Young

Daren Young

Anna Zumwalt